What is a Data Page?

Data pages are also know as Declare Pages or Declarative pages in previous versions before Pega 7.

Data pages provides access to data wherever required. Data pages gets the data from different courses viz., Report Definitions, Data Transforms, Activities or by Connectors.

By naming convention, the data pages starts with a prefix D_ or Declare_.

We can view the list of data pages on the Data Explorer on designer studio.

Data pages are used in different scopes:
1. Node
2. Thread
3. Requestor

1. Node: Data page is listed on node-level pages in clipboard and is shared across all requestors in that node.

2. Thread: Data page is loaded and maintained in each thread. Thread level data page is available as a seperate instance for each thread.

3. Requestor: Data page of type Requestor is available for all the threads (all work objects, which are displayed in each tab). In other words, all work objects will share the same data page instance with scope Requestor

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