List of Smart Shapes in Pega 7

Shape Name Description Shape Type
Attach Content This shape is used to attach a file, URL or not to a case Utility
Approval This shape is used to route the case to one or more reviewers, based on username, authority matrix or their reporting structure Subprocess
Wait This shape pauses an assignment for a specified time or until a particular date is reached, or until another case reaches a particular status Utility
Send Email Used to send an email to one or more work parties Utility
Survey Used by user to take a survey, based on the specified format. We have to install Pega Survey in order to use this Survey Smart Shape. Subprocess
Persist Case This shape is used to convert a temporary case to a permanent work object in the database Utility
Create Case Used to create a top-level case or child cases (one or more) Utility
Change Stage Used to move the case to a different stage in the life cycle Utility
Question Used to ask the user to answer a question. This is available only when Pega Survey is installed Subprocess
Send via DocuSign Used to send documents for electronic signatures. We use DocuSign service in this Utility
Update a case Used to update a case or all child cases and descendants Utility
Create PDF Used to create a PDF file from section and attaches to the work object or case Utility
Duplicate Search This shape returns a list of cases that matches the search criteria, which are defined in the case type Subprocess
Post to Pulse This shape creates a message that is sent to the Pulse (Social stream) Utility
Push Notification This shape sends a notification to an iOS or Android mobile deice to indicate that, some action is required by the user Utility

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