How to create a Custom HTML Control and add to the section Palette in Designer Studio??

  1. Open the Control Rule (Your own custom control rule).
  2. On the HTML tab, find the checkbox “Show in authoring menus”, check this checkbox.
  3. “Select palette” and “Control image” fields will be visible when you check “Show in authoring menus” checkbox.
  4. In “Select palette” dropdown, select “Basic” or “Advanced” to add your custom control to the Palette.
  5. In “Control image” field, click on the Gear icon and select an icon from the available images you want to show in the palette. Or, you can enter the icon you want to use directly instead of clicking on Gear icon.
  6. Save the control rule.
  7. Check in the Section Palette under “Basic” or “Advanced”(what ever you configure).

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