Code Review Techniques

  1. Check for flows saved in DRAFT mode
    • Flows saved in DRAFT mode will execute with out any errors in non-production environments. But, when the application moved to production, then, they won’t get complied and results in major issues
  2. Check for BLOB retrieval in Reports and Activities(using Obj-Browse method)
    • Retrieving properties from the BLOB should be avoided. We should only retrieve exposed properties in order to avoid performance issues
  3. Check for description in Activities
    • Description in activities give more readability for activity steps, which helps other developers to understand the activity easily and is also easy to debug
  4. Check the History tab for every rule. Description and Usage should be filled
    • Description and Usage boxes in History tab should be filled in order to understand the actual objective of that particular rule to other developers. This ease the understanding and saves time
  5. Check the work object status is set properly or not after routing to a Workbasket or Worklist


More will be added soon………….

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